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Tire Repair Kit

Tire Repair Kit

Feautures: Tire Repair and Inflating Spray can be utilized on all kinds of passenger cars, motorcycles, bicycles, light commercial vehicles or caravans. Tire repair Spray has been produced with the property of repairing the flat at the most unexpected times. You can resolve the cumbersome and tiring,tire changing problem in a practical way with this spray. The Tire Repair Spray, containing a special formula that becomes vulcanized upon the contact with the air, mends your flat tire and can inflate it up to 20 psi. Tire Repair Spray mends the tires without removing them from the vehicle. It is a practical, fast and reliable product and does not cause any harm to the tire. It ends the problem of to be detained on the road by a flat tire. Tire Repair and Inflating Spray is a product to be absolutely available on every vehicle when considering the difficult road conditions. It does not eliminate the major distortions on the tire rims and does not repair the large cuts on the tires. It helps you toreach the nearest service station. It is recommended that this product be utilized only in emergency cases, not todrive at high speeds after the use of the product and to have tire to be repaired as soon as possible. Direction of Use: Park the vehicle so that the tire valve does not stand on the ground. If possible, remove the object that deflated the tire. Before using the product, shake it well. In very cold weathers heat the product by holding it in your hands. Attach the end of the hose on the product by screwing it to the tire valve of the tire. Hold the spray in an upright position. Remove the black security cap of the product from its place. Discharge whole of the chemical composition inside the spray into the tire by completely pressing the button at the top of the product. While doing this you will notice that the tire is inflating. Immediately after removing the hose, get into the vehicle and drive a short distance in order to render the tire to turn several times so that the product inside the tire is distributed evenly. The puncture hole in the tire will be sealed in a short period of time. Driving at a reasonable speed, reac the nearest service station and inflate your tire to the originally designated air pressure.


  • Possesses permanent elasticity with high fire rating,
  • 25 % movement capability,
  • No surface tackiness after full cure,
  • Do not pick up dirt,
  • No shrinkage,
  • Cures bubble-free,
  • Enhanced storage stability,
  • No sagging – Thixotropic,
  • Can be applied with hand gun and tooled easily,
  • Paintable.

Application Areas

  • Fire rated sealing and bonding application between many different construction materials,
  • Fire seal of movement and connection joints in floors,
  • Joints between prefabricated construction materials
  • Fire stop sealing and bonding of ventilation ducts, gutters and spouts for
  • For expansion joints between pre-cast concrete panels